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About the Treasurer

Learn more about the duties of the County Treasurer.

The Responsibilities of the Treasurer’s Office

The Treasurer is responsible for collection of taxes and other fees for state, county, city, school districts, community colleges, and other taxing bodies such as townships, fire districts, and drainage districts, and city specials. The office collects and accounts for all funds coming into the county from the various departments.


  • Custodian of all county funds
  • Investments of County Funds
  • Financial Administrator, banking, cash management,
  • Preparing and mailing annual tax statements
  • Property Tax Collections, including drainage, mobile homes, city specials
  • Administers the Iowa Property Tax Credit Programs
  • Distributes all state credits to taxing bodies
  • Tax apportionment to all taxing bodies and other government agencies
  • Prepares and conducts the annual tax sale for the collection of delinquent taxes
  • Balance financial records
  • Collects and receipts all other county office fees
  • Pays all county warrants drawn by County Auditor
  • Pays on Stamped Drainage Warrants
  • Makes semi-annual and annual reports to Board of Supervisors
  • Issues Motor Vehicle titles, registrations and collects all other vehicle fees
  • Collects the Use Tax on motor vehicle transactions for the Department of Revenue
  • Collects the 2290 filings for the Road Use Tax Fund
  • Issues drivers’ licenses, Identification cards, duplicate licenses, handicap devices,
  • Issues State and County Special Identification cards
  • Administers written and driving tests, re-exams and line drives, vision and medical reports.
  • Serves the community

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