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Snow Removal & Winter Maintenance

The Winnebago County Secondary Road Department is responsible for snow removal and the application of salt and sand.

Snow Removal Ordinance


Snow Removal Operations
Every Day; 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Snow removal schedule in Winnebago County, Iowa. Snow is removed form 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Winnebago County is divided into 17 routes for snow removal, each of which is primarily cleared by one equipment operator. Sand and salt may be applied in strategic locations on paved roads at the discretion of the department to improve driving conditions.

The 150 paved miles are split between 7 operators driving yellow tandem axle dump trucks equipped with front plows, belly scrapers, and wing plows.

The 600 gravel miles are split between 10 operators driving motor graders equipped with V-plows.

To Serve You Better

During snow removal operations, property owners are encouraged to pile snow in locations other than the road, driveways, or ditches.

Helpful Snow Removal Tips

The department strives to maintain safety and efficiency within their operations and cooperation from the public is paramount to success. Notice is regularly published to alert property owners.


From time to time, mailboxes are damaged during snow removal operations by contact with a plow blade or by the impact of thrown snow. Regrettably, damaged mailboxes are unavoidable, but the mailbox will be repaired or replaced by the County once snow removal operations are complete.

Mailbox Replacement POlicy

In the event the Secondary Road department damages a mailbox during snow removal operations, the standard policy is as follows:

  • If the box is damaged beyond repair, Secondary Roads will replace it with a standard-sized box free of charge to the citizen. If the citizen would like anything but a standard-sized box, Secondary Roads will give them $30 to put it up themselves. 
  • If the box is repairable, Secondary Roads will do the repairs at no charge to the citizen. Any repairs or replacements will be done at the earliest convenience of the operator. 

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