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Snow Removal Near County Roadways

posted on 1/9/23
posted by Road Department

When moving snow, think snow traps. “Snow traps” are locations where large amounts of snow can accumulate during high winds. When snow traps are created near roadways, drifting is dramatically accelerated. The most problematic but often preventable snow traps are created by piling snow. Extreme drifting not only impacts our daily convenience but also increases snow removal efforts by individuals and county forces.

As we head into the home stretch of winter, the Winnebago County Road Department urges all rural residents to avoid and eliminate snow traps with the following tips:

  1. Keep snow from private property on private property. Piles by the road are dangerous and cause drifting.
  2. Avoid creating tall piles. Bigger piles create bigger drifts.
  3. Move snow from around mailboxes. County equipment cannot effectively clear around mailboxes.
  4. Avoid pushing snow onto or across the road. Piles cause drifting and can freeze into hazards for motorists and plows.

Please follow these guidelines to the greatest degree practicable.  It’s best to work together to stay ahead of the weather.

Thank you,

Scott Meinders, County Engineer
Winnebago County Road Department