Reaching out to the Public with Social Media

Following efforts by the Iowa DOT


Over the last few years, social media has evolved from a social network for the younger generation to a very powerful communication tool reaching a wide citizen demographic.  Social media is immediate access to information!  Road Department and other County operations seem to fly somewhat under the radar when its not snowing and the plows aren’t in route, but we are working every day to keep roads and bridges safe and smooth.  So, with all these things happening, shouldn’t we do a better job telling people what’s going on?  We think so, and we want to find more ways to let our citizens know how our operations and services impact them and what we are doing to manage and improve them.  After all we exist for our citizens!

For the Road Department, social media can help share road conditions in the winter, construction status in the summer, and everything in between.  Using social media can also provide a way to interact with customers and answer questions quickly.  If you have questions, we would love to hear them!

For those less familiar, here is a list of what the Winnebago County Road Dept. had begun to use and the purpose of each.  Best part is, you do not need to have a Facebook account to view the page.  Also, check out what the Iowa DOT is doing with social media!

Facebook  Facebook-logo

The Winnebago County Road Department Facebook page has been active for just a few days, starting January 2014.  This social media channel allows us to share text, photos, and information from other users and websites.  Specific, current road conditions and road and bridge project updates will be popular posts, but other subjects my intermingle so long as they remain relevant to Winnebago County and our local followers.  We can often team up with local weather sources, and the Iowa DOT.

County Alerts

County Alerts is an alert system set up for emergencies, such as power outages, National Weather Service warnings, or amber alerts.  Once signed up for notifications, alerts will be emailed or sent via text to your cell phone.  These alerts, administered by the Winnebago County Dispatch, will occasionally include road closures and other non-emergency alerts.  Winnebago County Dispatch and Emergency Management Departments also maintain their own Facebook page!

Anyone with questions or anyone interested in providing feedback can contact us by social media or contact our office.