WINNEBAGO – Winnebago County voters are receiving updated voter registration cards this week ahead of the first combined City/School Election scheduled for November 5, 2019.

Winnebago County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections Karla Weiss said the cards were sent to update voters on their polling locations for the newly combined City/School Election.

School Elections were traditionally scheduled in Iowa in September in odd-numbered years. The State Legislature recently approved a law to combine the School Election with the City Election that has always been scheduled for November in odd-numbered years.

“This first-ever combined City/School Election has caused us to review our polling locations for this election,” Weiss said. “The Secretary of State’s Office has suggested using the General Election polling locations for this election. That means traditional School Election polling locations will not be used.”

Weiss explained the polling locations were chosen to keep the election as affordable as possible for Winnebago County cities and school districts.

Voters should review the cards and keep them for reference. If a voter notices their voting record needs to be updated, they should contact the Winnebago County Auditor’s Office for a new voter registration form or it is available online at

For more information about the 2019 City/School Election contact the Winnebago County Auditor’s office at 641-585-3412.