General Election 11-8-2016

Certification of Candidates


Federal Offices


For President/Vice President

Vote For No More Than One

  • Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence (Rep)
  • Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine (Dem)
  • Darrell L. Castle/Scott N. Bradley (Con)
  • Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka (Grn)
  • Dan R. Vacek/Mark G. Elworth (LMN)
  • Gary Johnson/Bill Weld (Lib)
  • Lynn Kahn/Jay Stolba (Nip)
  • Gloria La Riva/Dennis J. Banks (Psl)
  • Rocky Roque De La Fuente/Michael Steinberg
  • Evan McMullin/Nathan Johnson


For United States Senator                                              

Vote For No More Than One

  • Charles E. Grassley (Rep)
  • Patty Judge (Dem)
  • Charles Aldrich (Lib)
  • Jim Hennager (Nip)
  • Michael Luick-Thrams


For United States Representative        

District 4                                          

Vote For No More Than One

  • Steve King (Rep)
  • Kim Weaver (Dem)


State Offices

For State Senator

District 04

Vote For No More Than One

  • Dennis Guth (Rep)
  • Susan Bangert (Dem)


For State Representative

District 007

Vote For No More Than One

  • Tedd Gassman (Rep)
  • Dave Grussing (Dem)


County Offices


For County Supervisor

District 2

Vote For No More Than One

  • Mike Stensrud (Rep)
  • Mike Hauan (Dem)


For County Auditor

Vote For No More Than One

  • Karla Weiss (Rep)


For County Sheriff

Vote For No More Than One

  • David C. Peterson (Rep)
  • Steven V. Hepperly (Dem)



Non-partisan Offices

For County Soil & Water

Conservation District

Vote For No More Than Three

  • Keith Frerichs
  • Gary Ludwig
  • Gary Wasmund


For County Ag Extension Council

Vote For No More Than Four

  • Mary Beth Anzivino-Barnes
  • Sheryl Davids
  • Evan Fritz
  • Mary Peterson


Judicial Retention


Supreme Court Judge

  • Mark S. Cady
  • Daryl L. Hecht
  • Brent R. Appel


Court of Appeals Judge

  • Amanda Potterfield
  • Gayle Vogel
  • David R. Danilson
  • Richard H. Doyle


District Associate Judge

  • Peter B. Newell