New Logo for the Road Dept.

April 21, 2014







Re:  NEW LOGO – Winnebago County Secondary Road Department


The public knows us as “the County,” “the Engineer,” and many other things of varying suitability and decency.  However, the Assistant, Office Manager, Maintenance Superintendent, two mechanics, 17 truck drivers and equipment operators, and I collectively make up a unified department formally recognized at the Winnebago County Secondary Road Department.


Over the last few months, we have developed a new logo to uniquely identify our office and maintenance staff and our operations.  The new logo will incrementally replace the “Winnebago County Secondary Roads” block lettering decals on our equipment and also begin to show up on safety equipment and apparel.  The logo will be most prominently revealed in the next few weeks once our new sign is erected next to the County Shop on Highway 9 in Thompson.


We are proud to reveal our new logo!






Thank you,


Scott Meinders, County Engineer

Winnebago County Road Department

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