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Driveways and Entrance Permits


  1. For County blacktops and gravel roads, see the instructions below.
  2. For Highway 9 or 69, visit the Iowa DOT site.

Iowa DOT District 2 - Use of Right of Way Permits

Property Owner Responsibilities

  1. Construct and maintain entrances, from the road to the right-of-way line (typically top of the back slope of the ditch, or in line with power poles)
  2. Obtain a permit from the county engineer prior to constructing new or modifying existing entrances
  3. All entrance construction costs including new culverts

County Responsibilities

  1. Review entrance culvert permits for spacing, safety, and specifications
  2. Maintain entrance culverts once installed (except bridges and box culverts)
  3. Oversee construction to ensure compliance with county policies

Permit Application

Permit applications may be obtained at the Road Department office. The application must be completed by the applicant and submitted to the office not less than seven (7) days prior to desired application approval. Permits may be mailed, faxed, or emailed.

Road Access Permit Application

Construction Standards

  1. Culvert Size – Minimum 15-inch diameter, size and length to be determined by the County Engineer
  2. Culvert Material – NEW concrete, corrugated metal, or dual-wall plastic
  3. Entrance Width – Minimum 24 feet, Maximum 45 feet
  4. Side Slopes – 2:1 on gravel roads, 6:1 on paved roads
  5. NO ROCKS may be buried in the entrance
  6. Other requirements as specified by County Policy

Road Access Policy


  1. Safety shall be the primary criteria for locating accesses
  2. Minimum Spacing – 1000 feet, 400 feet for residences, 600 feet for commercial
  3. Other requirements as specified by County Policy

Contact the Road Department at 641-585-2905 for further assistance.

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