The State of Iowa has legal limits for the length, width, height, and axle weights for vehicles traveling on Iowa roadways. See below for more information. Winnebago County may issue permits for the movement of construction machinery or vehicles with indivisible loads which exceed the maximum dimensions and weights prescribed by law. Permits are required from ALL JURISDICTIONS (City streets, County Roads, and DOT Highways) along the route. For Iowa DOT Permits, call Motor Carrier Services at 515-237-3264 or online.

Winnebago County Permits

Oversize/ Overweight permit application (PDF form)

For faster processing permit applications can be emailed to the Engineer’s office. Applications can also be mailed or faxed.


Oversize/overweight (OS/OW) loads are enforced by the DOT’s Motor Vehicle Enforcement Officers in cooperation with local law enforcement.  A permit is typically required if vehicle dimensions exceed:

Width      8 feet 6 inches

Height     13 feet 6 inches

Length    41-foot single vehicle

53-foot trailer

57-foot lowboy trailer hauling construction equipment

Weight    20,000 lb. single axle

34,000 lb. tandem axle

80,000 lb. gross weight


Iowa DOT Oversize/Overweight Permits Page

Iowa Truck Information Guide

Iowa Code 321E – Vehicles of Excessive Size and Weight