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County Engineer’s Office

Winnebago County Courthouse – Lower Level

126 South Clark Street
Forest City, Iowa 50436
Phone:  (641) 585-2905
Fax:  (641) 585-2891

The County Engineer is responsible for the planning, design, and supervision of all construction and maintenance work performed on the secondary road system.  Winnebago County’s secondary road system includes 565 miles of gravel roads and 148 miles of paved roads, and 92 bridges and large culverts.  The County Engineer is also responsible for permitting new driveways, utility installations, and oversized loads traveling on county roads.

Our Staff:

Mark Johnson
Maintenance Superintendent

Doug Reisetter
Assistant to the Engineer

Becky Ritzert
Office Manager


Scott T. Meinders, P.E.
County Engineer

Maintenance Shops

The Secondary Road Department, under the supervision of the County Engineer is responsible for the general maintenance of all the county roads, bridges, and culverts, traffic signs, snow and ice control, and equipment maintenance and repair.

Mechanic Shop – Thompson
11692 Hwy 9
Thompson, IA 50478

Aaron Henderson
Neil Sather

Maintenance Shop – Lake Mills
46005 220th Ave.
Lake Mills, IA 50450

Bob Bjorklund
Mike Hengesteg
Jay Knudtson
Josh Thompson
Ethan Schutter

Maintenance Shop – Forest City
135 S. Central St.
Forest City, IA 50436

Doug Bolinger
Jeff Thompson
Marcus Jensen
Adam Hickman
Tim Osmundson

Maintenance Shop – Thompson
177 1st Ave. W.
Thompson, IA 50478

Shane Rockow
Mark Krull

Maintenance Shop – Buffalo Center
43132 20th Ave.
Buffalo Center, IA 50424

Bruce Matson
Brent Swenson
Dennis Tweeten
Eric Knudson
Randy Swalve